(EP4) 12" (Digital release)

by Tiago



12" Vinyl

A1. Sem Título
A2. Sem Título
B1. Toic
B2. Sem Título

Review 1: "Irrepressible Portuguese producer Tiago loads up the hardware, software and kitchen sink as he lights the blue touch paper under this latest release on Interzona 13. This time round, the producer throws a couple of curve balls that'll have your head spinning like a Catherine Wheel as he explores the more experimental side of his diverse sound. Opting for Sem Titulo (Untitled in Portuguese) on three of the cuts here only adds to the mysterious nature of the sonic treats within and makes it a bugger to review! The A1 is a deep and immersive tech house cut which places you right in the midst of the hollow paranoia of a K-hole. A simple and steady beat measures time as you struggle to make out the faint and distant echoes of discordant tones and textures awash with reverb. From there we move on to the menacing rumble of peak time exertion as Tiago engages in a little sampler abuse packing his solid beat with bleeps, cheers and screams collected from a career behind the decks. The classic bassline drives the track ever onwards as we savour the sweet sweat of dancefloor hedonism. Flip the disc for the melodic and atmospheric "Toic", a mid tempo mover with a trippy techno vibe and an esoteric sound palette, perfect for powering out the speakers on any outdoor stage. The EP closes in off the wall fashion with the swirling and whirring madness of the B2. Latin melodies, scuzzy samples and a shuffling bassline all merge with queasy, uneasy brilliance. Present, as always are the deft rhythm sections and powerful arrangements, as subtle elements of Disco, Techno & New Wave provide the bedrock for his trademark off kilter melodies and soundscaping. The darker underbelly of club life may well be the inspiration, but the mood and execution are pure Tiago!" Piccadilly Records


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released August 27, 2014


tags: world Lisbon


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Interzona13 Lisbon, Portugal

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