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by Tiago

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Vinyl 12"

A1. Para Quêm?
A2. Andar E Esquecer

B1. Roy Brooks
B2. Reach Out And Touch Somebody

Review1: "Number five in the Interzona series sees label head Tiago assemble disco loops, percussion samples and mindfizzing synths into swirling dancefloor weaponary, fed through his psychedelic EQ for extra impact on their way to the wax. "Para Quem" opens the disc with a wonky sequence of string led samples before resolving into an off kilter psychedelic funk bomb with a tasty little Ron Hardy kick thrown under it. Sounding constantly on the verge of collapse thanks to the uneven loops and smattering of addition percussion, while packing a hefty stomp for the dancefloor, this is gonna freak people out in the best way! On "Andar E Esqucer", the Portuguese producer ups the tempo and strips things back slightly, throwing a snatch of exotic, Balearic ambience over an intricate (and thumping) rhythm for a fine tropical trance dance. Flip the disc and get ready to get up, get down and get knocked sideways by the skewed and spiritual jazz loopery of beatdown bomb "Roy Brooks". The warm double bassline and atonal piano line of the sampled material ride a crashing jazz break to the end of time while Tiago gets busy with the FX, fucking things up and leaving the room spinning; dope! Last but not least, "Reach Out And Touch Somebody" is a properly mental house banger built out the uneasy combination of gospel organ and a bizarre and alien, rubbery bassline. The solid drum track keeps things moving non stop, whilst the bassline weaves its way in and out of that mournful, spiritual keyboard. I have no doubt that this is gonna find its way into a whole host of Detroit sets, but before you dismiss it as a typical Motor City house pastiche, just listen to how far out front this jam is. Amazing! Another beauty from this outstanding, diverse and incomparable imprint." - Piccadilly

Review2: " 推薦盤!ポルトガル・アンダーグラウンド・ディスコ・シーンのキーマンTIAGOオウン・レーベル<INTERZONA 13>第5弾! 今回はエディット・ベースのDJフレンドリーな4トラックを収録。ざっくりしたカットアップ感やボトムのオーバーダブ具合も良い塩梅なメロウ・インスト・ファンク・エディットのA-1、幻想感のあるSEやダビーなギター・フレーズ等がコラージュされていくロウ・ハウス・エディットA-2、サイケデリックでスモーキーなジャズ・ダンス・エディットB-1等、様々なシチュエーション/現場で重宝しそうな4トラックを収録!これはオススメ。"-Japonica

Preview: soundcloud.com/adnarimogait/reach-out-and-touch-somebody

VIDEO: vimeo.com/130415442

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released February 12, 2015


tags: world Lisbon


Interzona13 Lisbon, Portugal

Interzona13 is a record label operating from Portugal. Full discography upon demand. Thanks.

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